Common Sauna Questions

  • How hot is a sauna?

    Sauna temperatures typically range from 158 to 194 degrees (F) with humidity between 10 - 15 percent. Temperature and humidity can be set to the participants liking. One should never set temperatures higher than what is comfortable and enjoyable.

  • How long can you stay in a sauna?

    Stay in for 10 to 15 minutes then step out and cool off. Repeat this cycle two or three times and then cool off with a shower. Remember to drink plenty of water before and after sauna sessions. Exit immediately if uncomfortable, dizzy, or sleepy. Prolonged stay in a sauna may lead to dehydration and can cause one to overheat.

  • How much does it cost to operate a sauna?

    The average sauna session costs 30 to 75 cents per hour. (Varies depending on kilowatts)

  • What is the average heat up time for a sauna?

    A sauna typically heats up in 25 to 35 minutes.

  • What material should be used to build a sauna?

    Cedar is by far the best wood for the inside of the sauna. Being a soft wood, it is cool to the touch, easy to clean and lasts a long time.

  • What type of floor is appropriate in a sauna?

    Cement, tile, some vinyls--anything that will not absorb water can be a good flooring material. Never use carpet.

  • Do you need a drain in a sauna?

    It is not necessary in a residential application. You can simply mop the floor once a week. A commercial application will likely need a drain for daily cleaning purposes.

  • How many people can fit in a sauna?

    This depends on the size of your sauna, but a good rule of thumb is to 2 feet per bench per person.

  • Can I put steam into the sauna?

    No, this is not recommended. A steam generator is best suited for a shower made out of waterproof material like tile or marble. The moist steam can rise to scalding temperatures (120 degrees at 100% humidity) and will rot the wood inside the sauna.

  • Can you pour water on the rocks?

    Yes, but only about ½ a cup at a time.