Choosing A Wine Storage Solution

Wine cabinets are an important investment and it is vital for the protection of your collection that you make a sound choice.

Vinotemp has been building wine cabinets for over 30 years. You’ll find that quality and experience shining through in every cabinet we sell.

Woods and Stains

As a factory, we offer an option of colors. Because finish seems to go with fashion, some stains are used more often than others. For economies of scale we have standard colors, as well as semi-custom and custom finishes per line.

E Line Series Wine Cabinets

The E Line wine cabinets are available in 3 different laminates:

  • Latitude West
  • Latitude East
  • Boardwalk

Our E-Line series of wine cabinets are made of technical veneer, a popular material that allows for greater creative flexibility of design. Technical veneer lends a whole new architectural feel to the cabinets we produce and can mimic the appearance of steel, wood or even textures such as cement.

Reserve Series Wine Cabinets

Reserve Series wine cabinets are available in a variety of stains:

  • Natural
  • Dark Cherry
  • Black Walnut
  • Dark Walnut
  • Natural
  • Jet Black
  • Rich Brown
  • Victorian Mahogany

Sonoma Series Wine Cabinets

Sonoma Series wine cabinets are available in the following stains:

  • Cherry
  • Rustic Cherry
  • Vintage Cherry

Sonoma Series cabinets feature a Cherry wood exterior with the 3 options of stain/paint. We chose Cherry for its natural warm red tint.

The stain colors noted are the stain colors not the type of wood but the color that is applied on top of the wood.

We changed our staining system to Low VOC and water based formula.
Vinotemp Wood Cabinet Stain Swatches
Click image to see full-size color options of some of the wood stains we make. (Please remember that colors may look different on your monitor or other wood types.)

R Factor

The insulation used in building our wine cabinets is foil-covered polyisocyanurate foam with an R-Value of 7.2 – the best insulation on the market. Our wine cabinets have 1.5 inches of insulation, and the total R-Value of our cabinet walls is between an 11 and 12 R factor. All the seams are sealed to create an airtight environment inside our wine cabinets. For units that will be placed in the garage or basement, extra insulation is available. Remember to use the appropriate cooling unit if your cabinet will be placed in a non-interior environment.  


The materials we use in building and finishing Vinotemp wine cabinets are the best in the industry in every category. Additionally, they are constructed to age gracefully over time. For example, we have had our Louis unit (Reserve Series) mistaken for an antique cabinet.

As mentioned above, the better your wine cabinet is insulated and sealed, the more years of trouble-free operation your cooling system will provide. It is also important to have proper ventilation and to clean out any dust build up on a regular basis. Routine cleaning will prolong the life of your cabinet and its cooling system.

Vinotemp’s E Line Series of cabinets is perfect if you’re placing the unit in a basement or garage, while the Reserve line is great for placement in very visible locations of the home. The Sonoma and makes a beautiful showpiece. Our glass door units include double-paned glass which can artistically display your wine while protecting it, with better insulation and UV protection. For increased insulation Argo filled gas can be provided.

Most Vinotemp wine cabinets are constructed from wood, glass and insulation materials. Standard features include premium wood, hardwood door trims, double-pane tinted glass windows, the quality insulation, and sealed seams throughout the wine cabinet.

After more than 30 years in the business, we have distributed over a million units to happy customers, many repeat customers and referrals.


We offer a variety of choices of wine racking: all Redwood, cellar trellis (redwood and powder coated metal), or wood and aluminum racking. None of our racking is glued. Each cabinet series has its own standard racking; wood and aluminum racking for the E-Line Series, Redwood and aluminum for our Reserve Series, and all Redwood for our Sonoma Series. Over the past 30 years, our Cellar Trellis racks have prevented many bottles from breaking during California earthquakes. The bottles rest on the wood in these cellar trellis cubicles. It should also be noted that upgrading to all-Redwood racking reduces the capacity if bottle capacity is a concern. Any of our cabinets can be customized to the type of racking you desire.

If you prefer a modern/minimal aesthetic, Vinotemp offers all metal racking including peg, pin, pole, as well as Vinotemp's exclusive Zero-G Gravity Racks that utilize a stainless pole to support acrylic or wood posts.

Cubicle racking comes in a variety of sizes. Universal racking with 3 3/4-inch cubicles will hold most sizes of wine bottle; most Vinotemp cabinets come standard with universal racking. For maximum storage capacity, the traditional 3 3/8 size is also available. However, with new vineyards and odd bottle sizes we recommend the larger size (3 3/4) or even 4-inch racking for those with a lot of champagne storage needs. Unlike most of our competitors, Vinotemp racking will be customized specifically for your storage needs. If desired, we can design your cabinet with three different sections, each with its own cubicle size. Also, the very top of the cabinet can be useful for miscellaneous bottles, boxed champagne, fine chocolates, cigars or whatever else you can think of.

Our wood racks are constructed from unsealed wood which is preferred inside wine cabinets because wood sealing agents can damage the wine. The first choice in the type of wood that should be used inside a wine cabinet is Redwood. Redwood is rare and now very expensive to the manufacturer, so you will see it being used less and less by other wine cabinet manufacturers. Our E-Line Series racking uses wood that has similar properties to Redwood; it is a mildew resistant, unfinished soft wood.

Glass Doors

Vinotemp uses high quality glass in our cabinet doors.  We also offer racking to cover the Wine-Mate cooling system to hide it from view.


Wine cabinets need clearance space in whatever direction the exhaust is venting. Our rear exhaust wine cabinets require at least six inches of space between the wall and the wine cabinet in order for the cooling system to operate properly. Top-vent cooling systems need 10-12 inches of clearance above the cabinet. Our front-venting wine cabinets can be completely built in with beautiful hand made wood louvers then the back of the cabinet can be placed right up against the wall. Any Vinotemp cabinet can easily be converted to vent from the rear, top, sides or front to best accommodate the environment you need it for. 


Vinotemp wine cabinets feature custom Wine-Mate cooling systems that use electronic temperature control and have digital displays, thereby allowing you to precisely set the desired temperature inside your wine cabinet. Wine-Mate cooling systems are forced-air systems (as opposed to cold wall cooling systems). Forced air cooling units generally have lower temperature fluctuations and higher humidity levels than cold wall systems. They also tend to have less maintenance needs.

Designed and assembled in the USA, Wine-Mate was the first UL-approved cooling unit for wine cabinets on the market. UL is the trusted source across the globe for product compliance. A UL symbol gives you reassurance, that the electrical inspectors approved the design of your unit.


We stand behind our wine cabinets with one of the best warranties in the industry. Each wine cabinet is backed by a five-year warranty on the compressor and a one-year warranty on parts and the cabinet.

Our standard cooling units plug into standard wall outlets, and draw 3 amps of power (4 amps for the 2500 cooling unit). Extension cords used should be 14-gauge and grounded.

Please refer to the owner’s manual available in the Owner's Manual section.


We generally ship our wine cabinets between 3 days to 6 weeks (depending on the unit) from the time we receive your order. Once shipped, it will take 7-10 working days for your cabinet to be delivered. When your wine cabinet arrives in your local market, the local delivery agent will call you at least 24 hours in advance to schedule your delivery. Vinotemp wine cabinets are delivered Preassembled, minimizing the setup effort and expertise necessary on your part. You are only responsible for ensuring that sufficient access exists for the cabinet to reach its final location.

Additional Prop 65 Info on Wood Products