Choose Cooling Solution


Step 1. Select The Cooling Capacity

  1. Use Guidance
    You may select a cooling system using the cubic feet or bottle capacity of the wine cabinets or rooms. The following table gives the guidance based on 55°F air temperature and 75°F environmental temperature with R11 insulation and no glass.

    Capacity Cooling Unit

    Up to 90 cu ft           
    Up to 200 cu ft
    Up to 650 cu ft
    Up to 1000 cu ft
    Up to 1500 cu ft
    Up to 2000 cu ft

    1500 BTU/h
    2500 BTU/h
    3500 BTU/h
    4500 BTU/h
    6500 BTU/h
    8500 BTU/h

Use Load Calculation

If you need a precise selection, you may use the heat load calculation to determine the proper cooling unit. Both oversize and undersize will affect adversely your wine storage.

Find out which Wine-Mate is the best cooling system for your project by calculating the heat load of your wine cabinet or wine cellar using one of our calculators.

Step 2. Select A System Type

  1. Wine Cabinet System
    Wine Cabinet systems are generally self contained and vary from 1500 BTU to 8500 BTU capacity

  2. Wine Room System
    Wine Rooms can either use self contained units when ventilation is adequate or, when it is not, there are two options: split systems and ducted units