Fifth Ave Magazine - Wine Coolers with Style

Fifth Ave Magazine - Wine Coolers with Style

November 30, 2009

Fifth Ave Magazine selected the Vinotemp Provence and Sonoma wine cabinets for its "Wine Coolers with Style" feature. 
Excerpt as printed in Fifth Ave Magazine:

Wine Coolers with Style
For the wine connoisseur it is just as important on how you store your wine as what kind of wine goes with what meal or occasion. Besides the look of the wine cooler temperature control is also important. Temperature must be kept at a constant to ensure that wine reaches optimum maturity. For both red and white wines 55 degrees is the ideal temperature for long-term storage. 

Vinotemp Provence
Custom wine coolers that are innovative and functional. 

Vinotemp Sonoma
Vinotemp's new biometric lock that checks fingerprints in order to grand access to the wine cabinet.

Click image to enlarge 2 wood wine cabinets and cigar cabinet