Shopping for Luxury Gifts & Gets - JustLuxe Excerpt

Shopping for Luxury Gifts & Gets - JustLuxe Excerpt

October 12, 2009

Shopping for Luxury Gifts & Gets

Contributor: Merilee Kern
Published: October 12, 2009 

Posh Product Picks: Finding fabulous gifts for those who seemingly have it all can be a challenge at best -- even if the gift recipient is your self. Each month I scour the luxury marketplace to uncover new, innovative and otherwise exemplary must haves -- the best-of-the-best across a range of product categories. The gift-and-get-worthy goods that make The Luxe List cut a mix of tasteful, trendy, and high quality commodities - some extravagant, some practical - that are all sure to please.

Consider this month's favorite finds:

Vinotemp Thermoelectric "iCellar" Wine Cooler -- $229

No contemporary kitchen is complete without a wine fridge, and Vinotemp offers a fantastic array of models to suit any need and lifestyle, including many that can be built-in to counters and cabinetry and decidedly large units that provide storage for as many as 188 bottles. However, if space is a concern in your home, condo or yacht, or if you prefer a unit that's extremely portable and maneuverable for use in and out of the kitchen (like your dining room, master suite, guest quarters, outdoor entertainment area or office), then Vinotemp's "iCellar" model is for you. Offered among the company's Eco Series, Vinotemp's iCellar employs environmentally-friendly thermoelectric cooling technology integrated into a sleek and sophisticated design aesthetic. Although compact and entirely movable, don't let its size fool you as this functional fridge can hold as many as 12 bottles of your favorite vino.

As mentioned, Vinotemp's iCellar utilizes reliable, eco-friendly thermoelectric technology to cool and maintain a perfect temperature of wine contained therein, with a programmable range of 50°F-66°F. This device, which is unbelievably quiet, does not use Freon or other harmful CFCs. Its double-paned door also provide insulation and protect the wine from UV rays. Other features of the Vinotemp's iCellar include a bright blue LED display, a touch screen control panel, soft interior lighting to help you quickly locate the bottle of your choice, and pull-out chrome shelves to ease access. All of this is packaged in a modern black and stainless mirrored design that integrates nicely into nearly any décor. ( 

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