Choose A Cabinet, Choose A Color, Choose The Racking And Delight In The Options

Choose A Cabinet, Choose A Color, Choose The Racking And Delight In The Options

September 16, 2009


Vinotemp’s Customizable, Innovative and Functional Options in Wine Storage Make Creating a Custom Wine Cabinet Effortless

LOS ANGELES, Calif. September 16, 2009 – Since its humble beginning, Vinotemp has been dedicated to making wine cabinets customizable, innovative and functional. Francis Ravel, the creator of Vinotemp, began his venture as the owner of a wine shop where he came upon the idea of placing a cooling unit into a sealed wine cabinet. In 1985 the idea blossomed into Vinotemp, a family-owned company dedicated to providing only the best in wine storage (Ravel also created the Wine-Mate® cooling unit; the first UL-approved cooling unit for wine cabinets). Today Vinotemp is a leader in the wine storage industry. Because most products are designed at Vinotemp’s Southern California factory, Vinotemp is able to offer more innovative and functional options for creating custom wine cabinets than anyone in the industry. As India Hynes, daughter of Ravel and President of Vinotemp stated, “We are dedicated to creating wine storage that is as unique and impressive as our clientele, so we take pride in the ability to custom make everything. Our customers can either start completely from scratch or start from one of our many base models and simply change the dimensions, or any other aspect of the model, to suit their needs and their taste.”

Whether a customer wants to create a cabinet from one of 20 bases, or start from scratch to create custom wine storage, Vinotemp has the ability to completely customize every aspect of a client’s wine cabinet while offering the following options: Cabinets: The majority of Vinotemp wine cabinets are designed in Vinotemp’s California location with domestically grown wood, allowing customers to choose from a selection of unfinished Mahogany, Maple, Burl, Birch, White Oak, Cherry, Luan Mahogany (an imported wood) and other domestic varieties for their wine cabinets. After a customer selects the wood they can also choose the stain or color. In addition to custom stain colors, Vinotemp offers 20 different standard water-based stain and paint color options and the ability to color match. And, for those “do it yourselfers,” Vinotemp offers the option of leaving the product completely unfinished.

Racking: Vinotemp has been designing wine cabinets and wine racks in California for over 25 years and the racks are made with earthquakes in mind so they are incredibly sturdy. Vinotemp offers six choices of wine racking, three of which are Redwood based because it is a mildew resistant, unfinished soft wood; All-Redwood racking (made with Redwood fasteners); Cellar Trellis racking (made with Redwood that interlocks with powder coated metal); Redwood and Aluminum racking; Wood and Aluminum racking (made with woods that have similar qualities to Redwood, but at a lower cost); Cherry racking as a limited series; patent-pending metal racking that presents the wine label for easy viewing. And, in addition to the universal 3 3/4” and the standard 3 1/2” racking, Vinotemp offers both smaller and larger racking to accommodate splits, larger bottles and champagne. Customers can also mix and match rack sizes and use the top of the units to store large format bottles, fine chocolates and cigars. Insulation: Vinotemp offers only the best insulation available – specially covered polyisocyanurate foam with a high R-Value. The R-Value is a number used to determine the relative insulating capacity of different materials and Vinotemp’s cabinets have 1 1/2” of insulation, so the total R-Value of Vinotemp cabinet walls is impressive, between R11 and R12 factor. For those that desire more protection, upgrades to R19 and R29 are available. For cabinets with glass doors, Vinotemp offers double-paned, UV protected glass.

Hinges & Hardware: Vinotemp is the only company that offers both continuous and pinned hinges. Both types of hinges have the option of being installed seamless or invisible. In addition to hinging choices, Vinotemp offers a vast selection of hardware to compliment any wine cabinet. There are many handles and colors to choose from and because customers always have the option to use custom hardware, the possibilities are endless.

Cooling & Venting: Designed and assembled at Vinotemp, Wine-Mate® was the first UL-approved cooling unit for cabinets on the market. Most Vinotemp wood wine cabinets include custom Wine-Mate® cooling systems that feature; patent-pending humidity control (no other UL-approved unit has this feature), electronic temperature control with digital displays, and an alarm to signal when the temperature gets too high or too low. And, as the first company to create front-exhaust wine cabinets, Vinotemp understands the importance of venting, offering options to complement every space: rear, top, front and side venting. Smart Technology: Vinotemp was the first company to invent a call feature on a wine cooling system. Select Wine-Mate® cooling systems can be enhanced with a remote call feature: Through a patent-pending process, the cellar owner will receive a phone call should the temperature become out of range. Another option for protecting a prized wine collection is Vinotemp’s new biometric lock that checks fingerprints in order to grant access to the wine cabinet. And, to help customers track their inventory as well as the origin, vintage, and year of each bottle, Vinotemp offers many different options in wine tracking software along with touch screen systems.

Design: Vinotemp offers complimentary design services including free CAD designs and quotes for custom cabinets and cellars. Installation services are also available.

In addition to custom wine cabinets, Vinotemp provides custom wine cellars, an entire line of wine coolers, and accessories that help create the perfect environment for a wine collector. No other company can match Vinotemp’s versatility and product offering. As a full service company, Vinotemp is well equipped to handle special customizations for any wine cabinet expeditiously; no other place has this flexibility.

About Vinotemp

Vinotemp International has been designing premium wine cabinets and custom cellars for nearly 25 years. Close attention to market demand and non-standard ideas has resulted in the ability to offer diversified wine storage solutions utilized by companies like the Bellagio, The Wynn, MGM, Paris and other casinos in Las Vegas, along with establishments such as Hard Rock, Ritz Carlton, House of Blues, Houston’s Restaurants and more (many of the top celebrities in Hollywood also own Vinotemp custom made wine cellars).

Vinotemp products are available at most retailers in the US: Costco, Home Depot, Sam’s Club, Lowe’s, Target and Best Buy. For more information about Vinotemp contact us by using our Contact Form or visit

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