Advanced Wine Cellaring Helps to Protect the Environment

Advanced Wine Cellaring Helps to Protect the Environment

August 07, 2007

Los Angeles, CA. - Vinotemp International, the domestic producer of wine cooling units, is stepping into new area of business with its labeled "GREEN LINE" SERIES wine cooling units, which are not only going to increase the level of fine wine protection but also involve consumers in protecting environment while enjoying their wine.

This all becomes possible with thermoelectric technology which allows offering powerful protection to wine along with quiet energy-efficient operation. The main advantage of thermoelectric technology is ecological cleanness. There is no Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) used that cause destructive effects on the ozone layer. Such an advantage of the GREEN LINE units involves its owners in general environmental preservation.

Another benefit of wine cooling units powered by thermoelectric technology is caused by luck of any moving parts (except fan). For that reason, units offer less vibration (a "merciless killer" of any wine), high reliability and require low maintenance over other types of cooling devices. These units offer relatively quiet operation and are ideal for people who appreciate a noise reduction as a factor. In addition, thermoelectric technology keeps temperature accuracy of +/- 0.1 degrees Celsius which is extremely useful for wine protection against another enemy: temperature fluctuation.

"It's not just about protecting wine" says India Hynes, President of Vinotemp International. "In the 21st century people have become more concerned about the environment. We are a large designer of cooling units and our products are used all over the world, therefore it's important that our products be environmentally friendly. Also the fact that this technology is simply better for storing wine is how we came to the decision to utilize this technology."

The Vinotemp's GREEN LINE includes counter top six-bottle, 12-botle, 16-bottle, and freestanding 18-bottle, 21-bottle, 28-bottle and 32-bottle capacity units. All of the wine coolers are single-zone temperature, with exception of the dual-zone 21-bottle and split dual-zone 32-bottle unit.

All units are attractive wine cellars with black body, stainless-steel doors with double-paned glass, stainless-steel trim and handles.  The key features of double-paned doors have already been proven in the construction industry: they have better insulation properties, better UV protection, and are easier to clean. This energy efficiency will lead to less electricity usage and savings in energy bills throughout the years.


About Vinotemp International

Vinotemp International has been designing premium wine cabinets for over 20 years. It has been producing custom cabinetry for customers like the Bellagio, The Wynn, MGM, Paris and other Casinos in Las Vegas, along with Establishments such as: the Hard Rocks, the Ritz Carlton"s, House of Blues, Houston's Restaurants and more. Most of the top celebrities in Hollywood own a Vinotemp Wine Cabinet. The Company reaches other continents with custom wine cabinets and lockers in places like Macau and Russia.  

Most of Vinotemp products are designed and assembled in Los Angeles at their own production facility. There is also an import division for the smaller wine coolers that are produced (Vinotemp Asia). This product line is available at most retailers in the US. Target approached Vinotemp for a high end look, low capacity unit for the mass market with the 12 and 28 bottle Stainless wine cooler. Costco and Home Expo have a Stainless 45-52 bottle wine refrigerator that has an unbelievable upscale construction at a wonderful value.

The owner of the company (India Hynes) is now certified with the WBEC (Women Business Enterprise) which is a tax relief for many of Vinotemp's customers.

Vinotemp is offering a turn-key free wine room design and installation service through partnering up with qualified contractors throughout the United States.