Vinotemp Customer Service Review

January 22, 2013

Name: John L. 

Product or Service: Vinotemp Cabinet Cooling Unit 

Comments: Ronnie from customer service was incredibly helpful in troubleshooting an old cooling unit in my cabinet. He asked for and addressed me by name in his very relaxed and un-rushed discussion. He offered several troubleshooting, possibly corrective actions, and steps to take if everything failed. I followed his advice, found the problem - excessive dirt accumulation in the intake vent, and was able to correct back to working order. This really emphasizes the importance to attempt to vacuum the intake vents on cooling units, even when they are hard to reach. Ronnie, although talking me through the fix, lost a sale for a new cooling unit. However, he has emblazoned the high quality of service offered by his company, ensuring product and company loyalty for years to come. Thank you, Vinotemp! 

Rating 1-5 (5 is high): 5