Vinotemp Sales Department Testimonial

January 17, 2013

Today, I called your office regarding my Vinotemp Wine cooler. I spoke to Christine in the sales department regarding a noise from my unit. She suggested that the problem might be a coolant problem and that perhaps I should contact a local appliance dealer to have the cooler checked before I ordered a new unit. She provided me with the telephone number of an appliance repair shop in my area. 

I truly appreciate her response in trying to assist me with my issue instead of attempting to sell me a new cooling unit. However, I should not be surprised! 

I purchased my Vinotemp 1500 in 1990 and had absolutely no problem with the unit for eight years. In 1998, the cooling unit began to lose some cooling power and I could not find an appliance dialer in the area to check the unit. On October 31, 1998, (I still have the invoice) I ordered a new cooling unit which I installed myself. I am not mechanically inclined. The unit has performed without a problem until now (fourteen years). Even now, the unit still maintains the chosen temperature, it just makes a noise. I only wish that my other appliances had performed as well! 

I have told many of my other wine collecting friends that this is one great product. 

Darien, Illinois