Review: 58 Bottle Front Exhaust Unit (Stainless Steel)

June 02, 2006

"We have owned one Vinotemp VT-60 [or GDS60] for almost two years and it has worked flawlessly. We are the envy of all of our wine drinking friends and a few of them have purchased VT-60's for themselves. A couple of our friends have purchased other brands and not all of them seem to be as pleased as we are with out Vinotemp's. We have been so please with our original VT-60 we recently picked up two more. Although the recommendation here on the Vinotemp website says they are not recommended for the garage, our original unit was in our garage (in the San Francisco Bay Area) for the first year of it's life and it never complained once. We ended up moving that unit in to our kitchen during a recent remodel and then decided to add the two new units in the garage. For the money, we have found the Vinotemp products to be the best value bottle for bottle than just about any other brand out there."

Mike Nolan