Vinotemp Service Department Testimonial

January 16, 2012

Name: Lydia W.

Product or Service: VT-45 Wine Cooler

Comments: Thank you so much for publishing the service manuals and thanks to your very nice customer service people. I own a VT-45 and the unit would not cool even though the power was on. I found a local appliance repairman who told me I had a malfunctioning controller and asked for over $500 to replace it. I was ready to junk the unit. Then I found the part on the Vinotemp website for around $50. I ordered it but there was a credit card issue. Your customer service people called me, the problem was solved, and I received the controller just a few days later. I had never attempted to replace an appliance part before but with the detailed information in your service manual I replaced the controller and my Vinotemp is running again. Thank you so much! 

Rating 1-5 (5 is high): 5