Vinotemp President India Hynes Talks Wine Storage Benefits with American Life Home

December 01, 2011

As a company that "offers the full product line," Vintoemp International was choosen by writer Larry Weisman to be featured in the winter edition of American Life Home Magazine. In the piece, Vinotemp President India Hynes dicusses the benefits of having in-home wine storage as well as the wide range of products available.
Excerpt as printed from American Life Home magazine:

With wine coolers, there's something for every taste-at least for anyone who likes the taste of wine. "In some places, when you're listing a house, a wine cellar is definitely a big draw," says India Hynes, president of Vinotemp International in Irvine. Calif. "People are looking at that and it's helping listings. It can be a wine cooler that's in an island or a cabinet embedded in the house somewhere. There's a big range." Vinotemp offers the full product line, from massive cellars to the smaller storage units. For the customer with valuable wines. they've created a vault with a biometric lock that reads fingerprints. For those tight on space, Vinotemp produces a cooler that parks next to your car. We have some units that we modified for the garage, for people who maybe don't have room in their house. It's fully insulated, it has no window so it's not used for display, and it has an upgraded cooling unit so it can handle the heat of the garage." Hynes says. "The nice thing about it is you can take it with you from house to house." Prices vary with size, type of cooling mechanism, and cabinet style. No one needs to go broke buying a cooler, but those who chase luxury won't be disappointed by the options awaiting them.

collage of flowers on table and open door view of wine cooler