Wine Refrigeration Never Looked So Savy: Vinotemp to Launch Wine Varietal Coolers

March 06, 2011

Vinotemp, a recognized leader in the wine storage and refrigeration industry for 25 years, has added the new Wine Varietal 15 Bottle Wine Cooler and Wine Varietal 34 Bottle Wine Cooler to its extensive selection of wine refrigeration. Available May 2011, Vinotemp’s Varietal Wine Coolers will offer what no other wine coolers can; cunning design and smart functionality.

The Wine Varietal Wine Coolers are the first wine refrigerators to feature decorative glass doors. The clever coolers add a little spunk to the typical wine refrigerator by displaying various varietal names on the coolers’ glass doors. The varietal writing, like the refrigerators, is black and its clean design is juxtaposed by varying fonts creating a subtle, yet fun, design element to otherwise plain glass doors.

In addition to good looks, Vinotemp’s Wine Varietal Wine Coolers also feature a touch screen control panel accompanied by a Varietal Indicator – an uncomplicated way of notifying consumers of the appropriate temperature for the wine being stored.The Varietal Indicator shows three different glasses of wine; a large red wine glass, a smaller white wine glass and a champagne flute, the Varietal Indicator will illuminate the appropriate glass depending on the set temperature of the cooler (the cooler’s temperate settings range from 39°F to 65°F).

“It’s important, in any business, to constantly push the envelope,” says India Hynes, president of Vinotemp International. “With affordable price points, fabulously designed doors, and the fun Varietal Indicator, the Wine Varietal Wine Coolers are Vinotemp products that are allowing us to do just that.”

The Wine Varietal Wine Coolers’ witty doors feature a magnetic seal and recessed handle. The coolers are freestanding, have adjustable feet for leveling, an interior light to illuminate the bottles, and control safety locks to disable access to the temperature control. The 15 bottle cooler measures 16.93"W x 18.9"D x 20.08"H and the 34 bottle measures 19"W x 18.5"D x 33.25"H.

The Wine Varietal 15 Bottle Wine Cooler and Wine Varietal 34 Bottle Wine Cooler will be available for purchase May 2011 for $299.00 and $399.00, respectively, on

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