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September 27, 2010

Stellar Cellars - The Ultimate in Wine Storage

Want to store your vintages in style? These days there are options aplenty, from custom-designed wine rooms to top-of-the-line storage devices.

"...California-based Vinotemp International, equips many of its storage devices with temperature alarms that ring your cell phone during power surges so you can take proper steps to safeguard valuable vintages. The same supplier also offers a new biometric lock that is fingerprint-activated to keep your wine out of the reach of children...Industry innovator Vinotemp even offers pre-fab wine-vault kits that, for a nominal charge, can be custom-built to your exact room specifications. “They ship broken down as interlocking panels, and you put them together to the exact dimensions of your wall,” explains Vinotemp president India Hynes, whose company produces everything from under-the-counter wine refrigerators and custom-built wood wine cabinets to bespoke cellars. “Building a cellar can be a whole ordeal if you have to green-board the walls, insulate, ventilate, and add the cooling and racking systems,” adds Hynes, noting that a custom cellar can easily reach five figures. “With this system, you can create your own wine cellar in any room for as little as $3,000,” she says..."

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