Gadget Guide - Luxury Las Vegas Magazine

Gadget Guide - Luxury Las Vegas Magazine

August 01, 2010

Brew Master

Serve your favorite brew in high style. This attractive tabletop beer dispenser features digital temperature controls to let you set the exact temperature of your beer while the Co2 regulates your pour. The thermoelectric technology used to cool the beer is ultra-quite and energy efficient. Featuring a black and silver body with a removable spill tray for easy cleanup, the unit includes three Co2 cartridges to get you started.

Stogie Storage

Maintain the freshness and taste of your cigars with Vinotemp’s thermoelectric humidor. The adjustable temperature control and thermoelectric cooling system will keep your cigars at just the right temperature. Storage space is provided for boxed and unboxed cigars; the unit has a capacity of .81 cubic feet or approximately 100 cigars. This eco-friendly system runs quietly and comes equipped with hygrometer, interior light and digital temperature display.

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