Vinotemp adds Vinotemp Blu™ as a standard feature on its Designer Series

August 17, 2016

VINOTEMP ADDS VINOTEMP BLU™, WINE COOLER INTERIOR LIGHTING, AS A STANDARD FEATURE FOR ITS DESIGNER SERIES LINE OF WINE COOLERS Added for its ability to reduce bacteria growth and inhibit the spread of mold, the new standard feature blue LED lighting is as functional as it is visually appealing.

LOS ANGELES (August 17, 2016) – Vinotemp®, a recognized leader in the wine storage, technology and goods industry for 30 years, today announced Vinotemp BluTM, blue light-emitting diode (LED) wine cooler interior lighting, as a standard feature for its Designer Series line of wine coolers. Its visual appeal along with the light’s ability to reduce the growth of bacteria–while inhibiting the spread of mold–make Vinotemp Blu a feature of note for the Designer Series. And, as a result of its aesthetic and functional prowess, it is also being offered as an option for Vinotemp custom wine cabinets and cellars.

For decades Vinotemp has designed its wine coolers, cabinets and cellars with climate control systems, which are critical to the wine aging process and to preventing mold growth, but recent studies show that adding blue LED light can further reduce mold and bacteria growth. In fact, a team of scientists from the National University of Singapore (NUS) found that blue LEDs have an antibacterial effect on commonly found pathogens and that the light is most effective when applied in cool temperatures - between 39°F and 59°F (4°C and 15°C).* These are important findings because molds spread quickly in dark, moist, humid conditions– which are characteristic of wine storage conditions–and generate spores that are easily transported by air and water, causing damage to the areas or surfaces where it lives while negatively impacting human health.

“Vinotemp was founded by my father, Francis Ravel, over three decades ago with the intention of advancing wine storage through excellence in manufacturing and proper climate control,” states India Hynes, CEO of Vinotemp. “Now in our second generation, our purpose remains the same, to provide industry leading solutions for proper wine storage. Whether making Vinotemp Blu a standard feature in our line of Designer Series wine coolers to creating complete wine storage climates for yachts, Vinotemp remains passionately dedicated to continuing the advancement of proper, clean wine storage.”

Vinotemp’s Designer Series offers a variety of award-winning wine coolers featuring Vinotemp Blu. From the versatile 24 Bottle Seamless Wall-Mounted Wine Cooler whose compact size allows for installation almost anywhere in the kitchen, to the more robust 149 Bottle Seamless Dual-Zone Wine Cooler featuring patented black metal wine racking with a black wooden lip and dual-zone cooling, there are many options for properly storing anywhere from two to a dozen cases of wine. And, for avid wine collectors, Vinotemp’s custom wine cabinets and cellars can also be equipped with Vinotemp Blu.

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* Could fridges fitted with blue lights help food last longer? LEDs kill off bacteria on meat and fruit: Learn More Here.

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