Tabletop Wine Racks

Tabletop Wine Racks

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    For over thirty years, Vinotemp has been a leading resource for wine storage solutions as well as excellent service.

    Vinotemp’s tabletop wine racks can serve as an attractive accent for your wine cellar, kitchen countertop, or dining room. Our curated selection of wine bottle and glass holders include wrought iron tabletop wine racks, modular wood wine racks, ceramic single bottle holders, as well as decorative options. Bottle capacities include 1 bottle, 3 bottles, 4 bottles, 6 bottles, 8 bottles, up 12 bottles.

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    Tabletop Wine Racks Information to Know

    You may be intimidated by the overwhelming number of options when shopping for wine racks. With so many wine racks available, which rack will look stylish while storing your collection? The best wine rack for your collection will depend on your needs.


    What is a Tabletop Wine Rack?

    A tabletop wine rack is a great option for new wine collectors or those looking to display only a few bottles of wine. A modern tabletop wine rack can be placed on a kitchen counter, table, or pantry shelf. Small wine racks are available in various capacities and styles, from a single bottle to twelve. Some tabletop wine racks can be stacked and allow you to add more wine racks as your collection grows.


    Why Should Wine be Stored Horizontally?

    The best way to store wine is on horizontal wine racking. When wine is stored in the horizontal position, the liquid inside wets the cork. A moist cork maintains its seal and prevents any unwanted seepage. If the cork is allowed to dry out, oxidization will occur, and the wine will be tainted. Storing wine horizontally also allows the sediment inside the bottle to settle, preventing spoilage. Horizontal racks also look beautiful and allow the collector to display their bottles with the label facing out, highlighting the winemaker’s colors and designs. Horizontal wine racks are an attractive yet functional addition to any space.


    What Makes a Good Wine Rack?

    A reliable yet unique tabletop wine rack will have a few key characteristics. The best wine racks are made from sturdy materials that can carry the weight of your wine when fully loaded. Wine racks are made from sturdy materials such as wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, stone or acrylic. Do you plan to add your wine rack to a wine cellar? If so, the material should withstand the cool and humid conditions inside your wine storage space. As previously mentioned, wine should be stored horizontally, so the cork remains sealed. A good wine rack can fit the type of bottle you are storing. For example, split and magnum wine bottles need a specific size of wine rack to accommodate their bottle shape. Finally, consider the assembly instructions for the wine rack. Some wine racks can be assembled easily, while others take longer and may require tools.


    How to Buy the Best Wine Rack

    Finding the right wine rack to organize and store your collection can take time and effort. Whether you own six bottles or a hundred, a wine rack will keep your bottles safe while adding style to your room. Before investing in a new wine rack, you should consider several factors. Ask yourself how many bottles you must store. Note that any oddly shaped bottles, such as Magnums or splits, will require a different size of a wine rack. Be sure to include extra space for any future purchases. Wine racks are available in various sizes, from single bottle styles to racks that can hold hundreds. Most wine racks are modular, allowing you to add more racks as your collection expands. Think about where you will be adding the wine rack. Can it safely hold your wine rack when fully loaded? Knowing your wine storage needs will help you select the best wine rack for your collection.


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