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    This page will give you instructions on how to complete your Product & Warranty Registration.

    After you follow the link you will be asked what kind of “Help Topic” you need.

    Choose “Warranty Registration” to REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT.

    Then fill out the form and click “Create Ticket”.

    The following link,

    will allow you to register your new Vinotemp product. This link is applicable for all of the following products: Vinotemp, Element, Apex, Epicureanist, Wine-Mate, and Brama.

    Please also fill out the Questionnaire below for a chance to receive a FREE GIFT.

    After you complete the form, click “Submit”.

    If you have any questions, please contact us:

    Vinotemp Factory (Service Location + Showroom/Sales)
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    Henderson, NV 89015

    800.777.VINO (8466)

    Thank you.

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