Outdoor Ice Makers

Outdoor Ice Makers

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    Enhance the functionality of your outdoor entertaining space with a Vinotemp outdoor ice machine.

    Designed to withstand the elements, these powerful units are wrapped in stainless-steel and may produce between 32 to 44 pounds of ice. Compressor-based cooling technology keeps the interior of the ice maker cold while storing up to 25 pounds of ice per day. Each unit comes with an easy to use control panel. Casters are also included, making it easy to relocate the ice maker inside or outside.

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    Outdoor Ice Makers 101

    Keep your drinks ice cold while entertaining outdoors with an ice maker by Vinotemp. An outdoor ice machine is a perfect way to keep ice in stock, eliminating the need to carry heavy bags of ice home from the store. Here’s what you should consider when shopping for the best outdoor ice maker.


    Types of Outdoor Ice Makers

    There are several styles of ice makers to consider.:

    • Freestanding Outdoor Ice Maker: A freestanding outdoor ice maker is an appliance with a rear exhaust that should not be installed under a countertop. It would be best to avoid building a freestanding icemaker into existing cabinetry as it will not release hot air properly.
    • Outdoor Ice Maker Built-In: Built-in ice makers can be recessed into cabinetry as a permanent fixture in your outdoor kitchen. Built-in ice makers feature a front exhaust, which allows them to expel warm air out of the front of the unit.
    • Portable Outdoor Ice Maker: For those who love to bring ice on the go, a portable ice maker is a great option. Portable ice makers are compact and can be used on a table or countertop.


    Standard Features of an Outdoor Ice Maker

    Outdoor ice makers must have certain standard features that allow them to operate outside successfully. A good ice maker will feature a solid, stainless-steel exterior to prevent it from rusting and corrosion. The outdoor ice machine should be powerful enough to produce ice in warm weather and withstand ambient temperature fluctuations. Check that the ice maker you are considering is rated for outdoor use. Ice makers for the outdoors often feature a pumped drain since they may need access to a floor drain. Lastly, consider the amount of ice you need. Outdoor ice makers can make between 50 to 100 pounds of ice.


    Installing an Outdoor Ice Maker

    Before investing in an outdoor ice maker, you must set up utilities, especially if you are installing a built-in ice maker. Your ice maker will require an electrical source. If you do not already have one, you should hire a licensed electrician to install one. Outdoor ice makers will require a water line. Consider a portable ice maker if you cannot install a water line. You may also prefer filtered water and need to install a water filter to remove any impurities. Ice makers use one of two drainage options, a gravity drain or a drain pump. If the ice maker uses a gravity drain, it will flush water out to an existing drain in the ground. If the ice maker uses a drain pump, the ice maker will drain water through plumbing that connects to a nearby drain. Like outdoor refrigerators, outdoor ice makers should be installed under a shade structure to protect them from harsh UV rays. To prevent the ice maker from overheating, locate it away from warm appliances such as a barbeque grill or stove. Whether you purchase a freestanding or built-in outdoor ice maker, you must follow clearance requirements to ensure that it can expel warm air.


    Ice Cube Types 

    People are often picky about the type of ice their ice machine produces. There are four common styles of ice produced by ice makers, including cubes, nuggets, crescent and gourmet. Cubes are a classic shape of ice that is sophisticated enough for cocktails but casual enough for iced tea. Nugget ice is beloved by those who enjoy munching on ice. The softer texture of nugget ice allows it to take on the flavor of drinks but is still satisfying inside a cool glass of water. Crescent ice is commonly found in the standard kitchen refrigerator/freezer combo. Gourmet ice is shaped like a cylinder, perfect for whiskey cocktails or any drink that should not be watered down. Gourmet ice takes longer to melt. The best type of ice is based on personal preference, and all accomplish the same task of cooling drinks.


    Buy an Ice Maker Today

    Add an outdoor ice maker to your patio today and enjoy entertaining outside. Do you need assistance selecting the right ice maker for your home? Contact Vinotemp today at 1-800-777-8466 or email info@vinotemp.com.