Metal Wine Racks

Metal Wine Racks

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    Vinotemp has a variety of metal wine racks to fit your modern aesthetic including black metal wine racks, stackable metal wine racks, wall-mounted racks, floor wine racks, and racks that can be installed inside a wine cabinet.

    Since many of our wine racks are modular, so they can grow with your collection. Our metal wine racks are easy to install, perfect for those who like to DIY. Whether you’d like to store a few bottles of wine on your kitchen countertop or build a wall of wine in your commercial venue, Vinotemp has a storage solution for you.

    24 products

    Vinotemp’s metal wine racks offer style and durability for your home or business. From the classic Epicureanist metal wine racks to modern pegs, Vinotemp has a variety of designs to fit your unique aesthetic. For over thirty years, Vinotemp has worked with restaurants, resorts, interior designers and contractors worldwide to create stunning displays and wine storage solutions.

    How Do You Choose the Best Metal Wine Rack?

    Selecting the right metal wine rack for your collection can be simple. Begin by taking inventory of how many wine bottles you own, and make sure to budget for future purchases. Next, determine how much you want to invest in wine racks to ensure a successful project. Pick a location for your wine rack, determine how much space you have and whether it can successfully sustain the weight of your new metal wine racks when fully loaded with wine. Lastly, think about your style and how you would like the wine racks to work in your space; do you want them to act as a focal point, or would you like them to blend in with your surroundings?

    Types of Metal Wine Racks

    Vinotemp has a variety of metal wine racks to choose from, including: 

    • Floor-to-Ceiling Wine Racks: Are you looking to build a stunning wall of wine or use your wine collection as a showpiece? Freestanding metal wine racks can be mounted from the floor to the ceiling, giving you ample storage space off the wall.
    • Wall-Mounted Metal Wine Racks: When space is limited, metal wine racks for the wall are a smart storage solution. These sturdy metal wine racks are installed on the wall, getting the wine off the floor and freeing up much-needed space.
    • Wine Pegs: Small metal wine racks, such as the secure hold wine pegs, can store just one to three bottles of wine. The benefit of using wine pegs is that you can add more pegs to your wall as your collection grows.
    • Decorative Metal Wine Racks: Wine racks like the Epicureanist wall-mounted display rack hold the bottle, so the label faces out. This is a perfect option for a business looking to merchandise its wine in a customer-friendly way. Display racks can also be used inside a home wine cellar to showcase a few favorite bottles of wine.

    Where Do You Install a Metal Wine Rack?

    Picking the right location for your metal wine rack is important. Wine prefers an environment that is dark, humid, temperature controlled, and free from unnecessary movements or vibrations. Since many metal wine racks must be mounted to a wall or ceiling, it's important to pick a level location that can hold the rack when fully loaded with wine. This is critical when you are looking to store hundreds of bottles. Metal wine racks can be used inside wine cellars, cabinets, dining rooms, bars, kitchens, empty closets, pantries and more. When installing a metal wine rack, always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. In some cases, you should work with a professional to ensure your wine rack is installed properly.

    Are Metal Wine Racks Better Than Wood 

    Two of the most common materials used to make wine racks are metal and wood. Wood wine racks add a feeling of warmth to a wine cellar. Different types of wood, from mahogany to pine, offer a variety of natural colors and unique characteristics that benefit long-term wine storage. Wood wine racks are available in ready-made kits or as custom pieces built to order. Metal wine racks offer a modern aesthetic and high style. Metal wine racks are available in stainless or black. Metal wine racks are ready-made and modular, allowing you to add more racks as your collection grows. Many metal wine racks are available in single-bottle styles, allowing you to order racks by bottle, depending on the size of your wine collection. Both wood and metal wine racks are stylish and durable, and one is not necessarily better than the other. 

    Benefits of Metal Wine Racks

    Owning a metal wine rack offers numerous benefits. You can use metal wine racks to organize your collection, placing white wine in one area and red in another. If you want to save space, wall-mounted metal wine racks allow you to free up the floor by storing your wine vertically. Metal and glass together add visual interest and style to a room. Lastly, metal is a highly durable material that will last many years. 

    Buy a Metal Wine Rack

    Add a metal wine rack to your cellar today. Do you need assistance selecting the right metal wine rack for your home or business? Contact Vinotemp by using our Contact Form for assistance.