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    All About Compressor Wine Coolers

    Vinotemp offers a variety of compressor-based wine coolers. Whether you need to store six or six hundred bottles of wine, we have a wine fridge that will fit your requirements. Read on to learn more about compressor-based cooling technology. 

    What is a Compressor Wine Cooler?

    Compressor-based wine coolers are powerful appliances designed to keep wine at the ideal temperature. They are designed to maintain cooler temperatures even if the ambient temperature is warm. There are similarities between a kitchen refrigerator and a wine cooler; however, the wine cooler does not remove humidity like a standard kitchen fridge. The operating equipment of the fridge includes an evaporator, compressor, condenser coils, and refrigerant. Most compressor-based wine coolers are designed for built-in or under-counter installation, so they must exhaust towards the front.

    What is the Difference Between a Compressor and Thermoelectric Wine Cooler?

    There are some key differences between compressor-based and thermoelectric wine coolers. Most thermoelectric units are freestanding and exhaust towards the rear. Their operating systems have little to no moving parts, meaning they are vibration-free and whisper-quiet. It should also be noted that thermoelectric wine coolers can be sensitive to their environment and can only achieve a temperature twenty degrees colder than the ambient temperature. Lastly, thermoelectric wine coolers cost less than compressor-based wine coolers.

    One is not necessarily better when deciding between a thermoelectric and compressor wine cooler. Consider your budget, personal preferences, and the needs of your wine collection when selecting a wine refrigerator.

    What Colors and Finishes are Compressor Wine Coolers?

    In addition to their built-in capabilities, compressor wine coolers have many advantageous features. Vinotemp’s coolers are available in various finishes and colors, from stainless steel to panel-ready, allowing you to update the cooler’s door to match existing cabinetry. A digital control panel is a standard feature that lets you easily switch the lights on or off and adjust or monitor the unit’s temperature. Sturdy wine racking is included, ensuring your entire collection is securely stored. Vinotemp uses LED lighting in most of its models, making it easy to view the cooler's contents without affecting the temperature.

    Where Should I Install a Wine Cooler?

    Before buying a wine cooler, you should decide exactly where to place it. Select a location where your cooler can meet the manufacturer’s installation requirements, including clearance guidelines. Consider where you will serve guests a delicious glass of wine. Will it be at the dinner table or while relaxing in the living room? The kitchen, dining room, bar, family room, tasting room, man cave, and wine cellar are just a few places where you may need direct access to your wine cooler. Additionally, some models are available for use in a garage or basement. No matter where you place your wine fridge, it will make entertaining easy. 

    Add a Compressor Wine Cooler to Your Home Today.

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