Commercial Beverage Coolers

Commercial Beverage Coolers

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    Beverage coolers come equipped with flat shelves for convenient stacking of cans and bottles.

    Customization options, like a company logo and labels on the front and side panels, are available for some units. A beverage refrigerator is a convenient way to keep your soda at the proper temperature and limit the need for creative stacking in your main refrigerator. Plus, you won't have to keep opening your main refrigerator door to get to your drinks!

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    Commercial Beverage Coolers - What to Know

    Serve perfectly chilled beverages by storing and displaying your drinks inside a commercial beverage cooler. Vinotemp’s commercial beverage coolers have been approved for use in restaurants, stores, bars, resorts, etc. Install a Vinotemp beverage cooler inside your business and increase sales today.

    What is a Beverage Cooler?

    A beverage cooler or refrigerator is designed to store drinks such as water, energy drinks, soda, beer and more. Like a food refrigerator, beverage coolers are sealed and insulated and utilize a powerful cooling system to control the interior temperature. Inside the cooler is a storage system that consists of tempered glass shelves or flat wire racking. You can also expect LED interior lighting, digital temperature control, and solid or glass doors. As mentioned, many different types of drinks can be merchandised within a commercial beverage cooler, including sports drinks, alcohol, and juice. Some beverage centers are also designed with more than one temperature zone, allowing you to store more drinks. 

    Advantages of a Commercial Beverage Cooler

    Adding a beverage cooler to your business is a great way to showcase products to your customers. Commercial beverage coolers can help you keep your items where they will get direct attention from your guests. Placing a beverage cooler near checkout can also entice customers to make impulse purchases, adding extra dollars to their total. In addition to increased visibility, beverage coolers offer another way to keep products organized, making it easy to merchandise and restock items as required.

    How Cool Can a Beverage Cooler Get?

    Commercial beverage coolers are powerful appliances that can be programmed to cool between 39 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is perfect for beer, which prefers a similar temperature range to wine of 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. To enhance the cooling power of the beverage cooler, Vinotemp units include dual-pane tempered glass or solid doors to prevent temperature fluctuations. You can also expect efficient compressor-based cooling that ensures your merchandise stays at the perfect temperature.

    What is the Difference Between Single Zone and Dual-Zone Beverage Refrigerators?

    Select beverage coolers are available as single-zone or dual-zone. A dual-zone beverage fridge includes two or more independent temperature zones, allowing you to use one side for beer and the other for wine or other drinks. Single-zone beverage coolers are a good solution if you plan to store drinks that do well within the same temperature range.

    What is the Difference Between a Beverage Fridge and a Wine Cooler?

    It is easy to confuse wine coolers with beverage coolers; they look similar. There are a few differences between these two types of appliances to note. Wine coolers are usually bigger than beverage coolers as they are designed to store hundreds of bottles, while beverage coolers tend to be smaller or made to fit under the counter. Beverage coolers feature flat or wire shelves to accommodate different shapes of bottles or cans, while wine fridges have racking specifically for wine bottles. Some beverage fridges have drawers for easy access, while wine coolers feature doors that swing open like a kitchen fridge.

    Buy a Commercial Beverage Cooler Today

    Vinotemp offers a variety of commercial beverage coolers to help you better serve your customers and increase sales. Do you need help selecting a commercial beverage cooler? Contact Vinotemp’s experts today by using our Contact Form.