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Wood Wine Rack Gallery

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    Provide stylish display and protection for your collection with our impressive selection of wine racking options.

    Vinotemp has been an expert in wine storage for over thirty years. Our standard wine racks use universal 3-3/4” cubicles that are perfect for most wine bottles, however, we can customize wine racks to meet the needs of your collection. Exotic woods, larger cubicle sizes, and enhancing viewing angles on racking are some of the highlights of ordering custom wine racking from Vinotemp. Each racking component has premium detailing in rounded corners, sanded edges, beveled trims and construction that uses no glue to avoid any odor that may hinder the development of your wine. Whether you’re looking for the beauty and quality of all-heart Redwood wine racks or the convenience of wine rack kits for your home or business, you’re sure to find just the right wine racking solution for your storage needs.

    Consult with our experienced sales and design team for even more ideas to enhance your custom wine cellar project.

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    Wood Wine Racks 101

    Wine racks will keep your collection organized and in its own designated space. Selecting the best wood wine rack for your wine cellar, countertop, cabinet, closet, or pantry depends on a few factors, including the space available, purchasing habits, and how many bottles you currently own. Vinotemp has many different styles of wine racks to choose from, including high-quality wood wine racks.

    What is a Wine Rack?

    A wine rack is a specially designed shelf used to hold wine. It can be a permanent or non-permanent fixture in a home or business, offering a centralized location for wine storage. Most wine racks have cubicles or spaces that will hold wine in a horizontal position, allowing the liquid inside the bottle always to keep the cork moist. Wine racks have been used for hundreds of years for cellaring wine. A good wine rack will keep the bottle secure while protecting the label from damage. Wine racks can be added anywhere wine storage may be needed, like inside a wine cellar, cabinet, pantry, basement, dining room, or kitchen.

    Why Do I Need a Wine Rack?

    Owning a wine rack offers many benefits. Creating a designated space inside your home to organize and store your wine collection will add style and luxury while helping your wine age gracefully. As mentioned above, a wine rack will keep your wine bottles in the horizontal position, allowing the cork to remain wet and preventing unwanted oxidization. In addition to position, selecting a location for your wine racks free from unnecessary foot traffic and vibrations is key. Unnecessary vibrations can disturb the sediment inside the wine bottle and negatively affect the taste of the wine. You can enhance the benefits of your wine rack by pairing it with a cellar cooling system to aid in climate control. Wine ages best in a temperature-controlled environment with proper humidity. Lastly, wine racks can help you save space by taking advantage of unused vertical space and letting you get rid of stacks of wine crates that may be cluttering your room.


    What Makes a Good Wine Rack?


    There are a few important factors to consider when selecting a wine rack. Ask yourself how many bottles the wine rack will need to hold. Take a thorough inventory of your current collection and accommodate any future purchases. Remember, most wine racks are modular, and you can always add more racks as your wine collection grows. Select a wine rack made from a sturdy material that can sustain the weight of your wine when the rack is fully loaded. Materials such as wood, metal, stone, and acrylic are all durable materials that can be used to make wine racks. Plan to install the wine rack inside a temperature-controlled environment, such as an insulated wine cellar with a cellar cooling system. The wine rack should withstand cool temperatures and high humidity. Choose a wine rack that will hold the bottle on its side or with a slight downward tilt, with the neck of the bottle facing the floor. This position will allow the cork to keep its seal. The wine rack should be made for the type of wine you store. For example, a split or magnum bottle will require a different-sized cubicle than a Bordeaux bottle due to its unique shape. Take into consideration any assembly that will be required. Some wine racks are easy to assemble, while others may require help from a professional. Lastly, consider where you will store your wine rack. Do you need a wine rack that matches the décor of the room? Is space an issue? You can always select wine racks installed floor to ceiling or choose a wall-mounted style that will free up floor space.

    What is the Best Wine Rack for My Wine Cellar?

    A wine rack can help you organize your wine collection while adding luxury to any space. The best wine rack for your home or business is one that can securely house your current wine collection. If you need help deciding which wine rack is best for you, consult one of the cellar experts at Vinotemp by using our Contact Form today.