Vinotemp Service Department Testimonial

April 20, 2012


I just wanted to comment on a recent experience I had with your service department. 

My initial email explained that I was the owner of a competitor's wine cooler and I knew one of the controller boards to be nonfunctional. I explained that the manufacturer would not provide any information regarding replacement boards. I had noticed on your website in the replacement parts section that there were several boards that were of similar design and were produced by the same board manufacturer as the board I had, which I also mentioned in my email. I also included some pictures of the board in question. 

Less than a day later, your service department manager sent me some pictures of controller boards that he thought might do the job, while also cautioning me that there are no returns or refunds of parts sales. Based on the pictures, I decided that it was worth the risk (it helps that I'm an Electrical Engineer, so I was comfortable with the minor differences I saw). 

Two weeks later the board was installed, and has been running perfectly for the last two weeks. I wanted to commend your service manager for taking the time to help me out even though the initial purchase was from a competitor and on the speed and effectiveness of his help. 

I also want to commend Vinotemp as a company for providing spare parts rather than forcing customers to discard an otherwise largely functioning appliance, or as WineEnthusiast, the competitor in question did, direct me to a 3rd party repair shop that was going to charge me a ridiculous fee. 


Larry Y.