Wine-Mate 1500-HTD-TE - Wine Cellar Cooling System

Wine-Mate 1500-HTD-TE - Wine Cellar Cooling System
Wine-Mate 1500-HTD-TE - Wine Cellar Cooling System
Wine-Mate 1500-HTD-TE - Wine Cellar Cooling System
Wine-Mate 1500-HTD-TE - Wine Cellar Cooling System
Wine-Mate 1500-HTD-TE - Wine Cellar Cooling System

Wine-Mate 1500-HTD-TE - Wine Cellar Cooling System

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The WM-1500-HTD Wine Cooling unit represents our latest innovation in climate control and has a capacity of up to 90 cubic feet. This self-contained unit not only controls the temperature in your cabinet but also moderates the humidity to a much greater degree than previous models. The new design has also been optimized for better distribution of cool air. Wine-Mate cooling systems are some of the finest-made, longest lasting, and most reliable systems on the market. They are manufactured to the highest quality standards in our Southern California facility. This unit features humidity and temperature digital control using patent-pending technology. An oversized evaporator provides subtle cooling, with tube-axial fans for both the condenser and evaporator. Extra insulation is provided for both thermal and noise isolation. The 1500-HTD has a robust housing and the grill size has been optimized for safety and easier cleaning. The Wine-Mate 1500-HTD is a self-contained, ready-for-use cooling system with easy installation. Options: Multiple exhaust options for top or rear hot air exhaust.

Wine-Mate cooling systems are also perfect for storing fine fur, cigars, leather goods, chocolate and salami! For an additional cost, Wine-Mate systems can be customized for your exact storage needs - please call for more information!


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  • SELF-CONTAINED: This unit is a self-contained, all-in-one, and ready for use. No copper tubing or drain line are required.
  • DIMENSIONS: 19 1/4” W x 17” D x 10 7/8” H
  • WEIGHT: 55lb
  • NOISE: 50 dBa
  • CFM: 120
  • BTU: 1500
  • COVERAGE SIZE: 90 cu ft
  • EXHAUST: Top (standard)
  • VENTING: When installed into a wine cabinet or cellar, this unit must vent outside.
  • TEMPERATURE: The WM-1500HTD-TE cooling unit is designed and used to provide a stable temperature between 50~65 °F for a properly insulated and sized space.
  • AMBIENT TEMPERATURE RANGE: The ambient temperature range for WM-1500HTD-TE should not be higher than 78°F or lower than 50°F in order to operate properly.
  • HUMIDITY CONTROL: The refrigerated space will maintain humidity within the range of 50~70% RH. An oversized and bottom feeding evaporator is used for humidity maintenance.
  • REFRIGERANT: Uses R134a refrigerant which is considered environmentally friendly
  • DISPLAY: Digital display with easy push-button controls
  • NOTIFICATIONS: Display notifications provide alerts help to protect your wine cellar and alert you when maintenance is required.
  • CONTROL PANEL: Control panel includes digital display, manual defrost button, up and down arrows to adjust temperature as well as browse parameters, power button, and SET button.
  • ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS: 115V 60Hz 5A. Dedicated 20 AMP circuit is required. Power supply must be grounded with 3 prong plug and must be in accordance with National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70.
  • Four high speed fans for air efficiency
  • Grille size optimized for easy cleaning and safety
  • Bottom supply vent
  • Extra insulations are used for both thermal and noise isolation
  • Patented condensate drain tray is used for humidity adjustment
  • Exchangeable supply grille can be used for front, back, and down cold air
  • WARRANTY: Self-contained units 5 year warranty on parts, 1 year labor.


  • Standard rear exhaust with the option to upgrade to top exhaust for an additional fee.
  • Mounting brackets are available for an additional fee.
  • Add the Wine Bottle Probe to receive the most accurate reading of your wine's temperature. The Wine Bottle Probe measures the temperature of the liquid inside the bottle to ensure your wine is kept at the ideal temperature and plugs directly into your cellar cooling system.


  • DIMENSIONS: 19 1/4” W x 17” D x 10 7/8” H
  • COVERAGE SIZE: 90 Cubic Feet

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