Wine-Mate 4500DS Packaged Central-Ducted Wine Cooling System

SKU: WM-4500DS
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Wine-Mate 4500DS Packaged Central-Ducted Wine Cooling System 2
Wine-Mate 4500DS Packaged Central-Ducted Wine Cooling System 3
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Wine-Mate 4500DS Packaged Central-Ducted Wine Cooling System

SKU: WM-4500DS
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The Wine~Mate ducted cooling system is designed and used to provide a stable temperature between 50~65°F for a properly insulated room at a normal environment. The wine room space will maintain humidity of 50~75% RH even when the environment becomes dry or humid. These temperatures and humidities are ideal for the long term storage of wine, fur and tobacco. Our packaged self-contained ducted DS cooling systems are 100% fully ducted, which can be ducted on cold side (evaporator) and hot side (condenser). DS can be installed in basement, garage, attic and roof. DS packaged central-ducted cooling system can also be used in a glass cellar. Ducted cooling systems are designed for both outdoor and indoor installation to cut down noise. DS is packaged, self-contained and ready to use. No additional piping is required.

Our DS units use other components such as US made pressure controls, the best compressor European branded and the best backwards impellers that are made in Germany to improve and trust the reliability.

Wine~Mate cooling systems are also perfect for storing fine fur, cigars, leather goods, chocolate and salami! For an additional cost, Wine~Mate systems can be customized for your exact storage needs - please call for more information!

Please allow three weeks for production.

View the Ventilation Guidelines for this unit (PDF)

View the Owner's Manual for this unit (PDF)


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  • This unit is a self-contained system and ready for use
  • Designed to provide chilled air to a wine cellar through insulated ducts to provide quieter operation and better installation flexibility.
  • These cooling systems can be installed up to 25 ft away from the cellar since the back-curved impeller fans are so powerful to run a total duct length of 50 ft.
  • DS packaged central-ducted cooling system can be mounted anywhere available (floor, ceiling or attic) for concealed, quiet and easy installation.
  • Pump-down refrigeration system for easy service
  • Automatic expansion valve for better humidity control
  • WM-4500DS ducted systems have adjustable evaporator condenser fans. Fan speed is adjustable because they use speed controllers that are wired in line with the blower motors. Fan speed control regulates flow of current to the fan.
  • Adjust evaporator fan speed through the knob to work with various length ducts
  • Adjust condenser fan speed through the knob to work with low and high ambient temperatures
  • DS cooling system shall not be exposed to temperatures higher than 110 °F or lower than 50 °F.
  • If the exhaust ambient temperature exceeds 110 °F, one size larger unit must be used.
  • Low ambient kit for below 50°F cold weather operation
  • 4500~12000 Btu/h cooling capacities
  • Only 45 dBA noise level in the wine cellar
  • Digital temperature controller with automatic defrost cycle
  • This unit can vent outdoors
  • Secondary drain pan for optional condensate pump
  • DS evaporator units have a special coating
  • Coil dipped and baked with LRCCoat anti-corrosion coating


  • DIMENSIONS: 45"L x 34"W x 23"H
  • WEIGHT: 140 lbs
  • COVERAGE SIZE: 1000 Cubic Feet
  • CFM: 380
  • BTU/h: 4500
  • ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS: 115V 60Hz 8A. Power supply must be grounded with 3 prong plug.


  • Optional Low Ambient Kit: Recommended for applications where the low ambient temperatures in the condensing unit mounting area will be below 50°F. Feature is factory-installed.
  • Temperature Control Panel with Heating Function: Works in conjunction with your home's air forced electric heater to ensure that your cellar never goes below the programmed temperature.
  • Touch button temperature controller with bottle probe or touch screen WiFi thermostat with humidity monitoring
  • Add the Wine Bottle Probe to receive the most accurate reading of your wine's temperature. The Wine Bottle Probe measures the temperature of the liquid inside the bottle to ensure your wine is kept at the ideal temperature and plugs directly into your cellar cooling system.

Important information regarding Prop. 65 for CA residents.
Prop. 65 Warning Label (PDF)

Do You Have the Right Wine-Mate Wine Cooling System For Your Project?

Find the best cooling system for your wine cabinet or wine cellar by calculating the heat load using one of our calculators.

condenser unit thumbnail

Evaporator/Condenser & Fan Speed Control

This self-contained ducted unit has an evaporator and condenser built in, and is outfitted with fan speed control.

probe and thermostat thumbnail

Add The Wine Bottle Probe & Wi-Fi Thermostat

The probe provides an accurate reading of the temperature of your wine, and the thermostat helps maintain a wine cellar at perfect temperature for long term storage of wine.

You will have the following advantages of using a bottle probe.
1) Air temperature in the cabinet may fluctuate, but the wine temperature in the bottle is constant.
2) You can put a cooling unit in a full wine cabinet and show both the air temperature and bottle temperature.

Note: Wine-Mate cooling systems cannot have both the Bottle Probe and Wi-Fi optional features plugged in at the same time. It can only be one or the other.

Compare Sound Levels: dBA in Cellar vs 3 Feet from the Cooling Unit
dBA Sound Chart for Wine-Mate Ducted Systems

(Click image to enlarge PDF)

Note: These cooling systems require professional installation by licensed refrigeration technicians.
Please allow 2-3 business weeks for production. Thank you.

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